Our Story

Knucklehead’s Brew House has always prided itself on home style hearty meals and generous portions. Check out our menu! We also have a catering menu and can prepare whatever you are looking for — be it small get-togethers or large parties! We package everything in foil pans or covered trays for easy pickup.

Knucklehead’s Brew House has a great customer base who make it what it is. It is visited by local people as well as travelers exiting the NYS thruway exit 32. The customer base is varied — all ages — all professions. They come for the cozy atmosphere, great service and delicious food. 

People often ask “how did you come up with this name?”. When Knucklehead’s was getting ready to open for the first time in 1994 we batted around a few different names. When someone said a silly name we would call each other a knucklehead! Then we thought “that’s it!” Some customers would think of the classic comedians the Three Stooges and others might relate it to the Harley-Davidson knucklehead motor. In 1994 we opened in a leased building on the corner of Main and Route 233 in Westmoreland as “Knucklehead’s Saloon” with a very small menu. In 1999 we moved to a much larger leased building on Route 69 in Whitesboro as “Knucklehead’s Saloon and Steakhouse” with a menu quite similar to today’s. In 2002 we came back to
Westmoreland to begin construction of “Knucklehead’s Brew House” on Main Street. We can’t make the building any bigger but we still keep adding to our menu and variety of specials. We also have a wide variety of liquors and bottled beers.

Come visit our friendly staff and enjoy a great meal with your favorite beverage!

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